Holidays Notice: We expect to have holidays from Feb 6-Feb 18 for Chinese holidays. You can place orders online as usual, but the production and delivery date will be postponed by 13days, please arrange your production plan appropriately.



How do I place an order?

Purchasing PCB at is easy at your fingertips. A couple of steps make you enjoy PCB prototyping services, affordable yet high quality.

Step 1: Click the the service type you want. Example: PCB

Select and fill in specifications, click the "Calculate" button to continue.


By the way,If you are not a professional electrical engineer, you can try using the button "quick-order PCB" to upload gerber files which will automatically detect the parameters and help you to place your billing order easily.



Notice: You can order "SMD-Stencil" and "Assembly Service" together , click the "Calculate" button to continue.


Step 2: Choose the build time and shipping methods.

The price shown here is only the estimated price,final price is subject to our review.


Step 3: Add to Cart


Notice: If you haven’t logged in, our system will require you to log in or create your account.


Step 4: Go to your shopping cart, and click the "Add PCB File" button to upload the file.


Notice: When the file is uploaded successfully, the audit status of the order will be changed to "Subject to audit".
We will finish review of your order in 1 hour or less 10 mins (Except SMT or special order!).


Step 5:  Select the "Awaiting Payment" menu, check the "Pass, Payment" status of the order, and then proceed to checkout.


One Payment, One Shipment!

1.      The purpose of order combination is to save shipping cost. If your schedule for your PCBs is not tight, combine your orders and ship together.

2.      By combining all these orders to one Group and pay now, you hereby confirm all these orders will be shipped together around xx-xx-xx. This is the date that we can finish your last PCB order in this ORDER GROUP, and we may need some extra time for express company (No Service On Sunday) to pick up your package.

3.      If there exists expedited order(s), or you need some regular order(s) to be shipped earlier, please tick the order(s) and pay separately so that we can ship as scheduled for the specific order(s).

4.      We strongly suggest you pay for your orders on or before 8:30GMT, so that our factory can start fabrication the same day immediately.

Combine shipping: pack and deliver PCB together with products that have already been paid or produced.


Step 6:  Checkout

Select a shipping address or add a new address


Choose shipping method


Choose a payment method you prefer, use discount coupon and cash coupon.

map-13.jpg    map-14.jpg

Notice: We currently accept Paypal and credit card or debit card. No matter which payment methods you choose, you have to go through the payment page of PayPal first, which will ensure the security of your payment. Check and cash will not be accepted.

Step 7:  After the order payment is successful, please wait for confirmation receipt.

We will arrange the production as soon as possible.During the production time, you can find the process of production through the "Production Status" menu .


Video:How to place PCB prototype order>>

If you have any questions, please contact your customer service representative, or contact 24-hour live-chat.


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