PCBWay 4th PCB design contest

The 4th PCBWay contest is finally coming, and this time let's design for future.

Technology has been changing our lives and the 5G era is about to come, which made us realize that the age of connecting everything is not far. So let's do something closer to the future! This year, we have mainly 2 themes of the entries: One is IoT (Internet of Things), which will include home automation, wearable or other interesting projects. Just free your imagination! The other one is robotics, which could be combined with smart cars, drones or other automated projects. We believe you can build your own one!

Project Release Time
Project Review Time
Result Announcement Time
Home automation, wearable projects ,embedded electronics, Internet connectivity, or other forms of hardware that communicates and interacts with others over the Internet.
Robots, smart cars, drones, or other automated projects.
Free Theme
If your projects don't belong to IoT or Robotics themes, then you can choose the free theme to submit your designs according to your own preference.
  • Projects should be uploaded or updated within time frame, otherwise the submissions will be disqualified .
  • It is no problem to upload multiple projects. This time you can choose different themes------ IoT Theme, Robotic Theme, Free Theme.
  • Participation reward: “ESP32 IoT Development Board” , for every detailed project sharing. For selecting IoT and Robotic themes, besides the participation reward, an extra ”Realy Module“ will be given.
  • PCB files are necessary. In order to make the judges better understand your designs, you're encouraged to attach the related files for the project, including Gerber files, BOM file, detailed instructions, and even the tutorial video.
  • Easy to participate. Just click the "Participate Now" button on the contest page or create a new project in our community, use the “ Submit project to...” option on the page and choose the theme.
  • The project must be original. You will be disqualified once plagiarism is found. Any questions please contact with anson@pcbway.com
PCBWay 4th PCB design contest

The First Prize

1 winner
$1500 Cash
$200 Coupon
Raspberry Pi 4G *1

The Second Prize

2 winners
$1000 Cash
$100 Coupon
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ *1

The Third Prize

3 winners
$500 Cash
$50 Coupon
Arduino Uno Rev3 *1

Popular Design Prize

10 winners
$100 Cash
$20 Coupon
Digital High-Precision
Automatic Multimeter *1

Participation Prize

ESP32 IoT Development
Board *1
Mitch Altman
Mitch Altman
Mitch Altman is a hacker and inventor. He co-founded a successful Silicon Valley startup and did pioneering work in Virtual Reality. Mitch promotes hackerspaces, open source hardware, and mentors others wherever he goes. He is a co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and is President and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.
Wayne Stambaugh
Senior Engineer,
KiCad Project Leader
Wayne Stambaugh
The lead developer for the KiCad project. Wayne has been working on KiCad for over ten years and been the project leader for the last four years. Wayne has 33 years of experience as an electronics design and test engineer in analog and digital hardware design and embedded hardware and software design.
Roger Thornton
Director of Applications
at Raspberry Pi
Roger Thornton
Roger Thornton is the Director of Applications at Raspberry Pi . He has designed several iterations of the iconic computers (Raspberry Pi 3B), Zero W work which helped him be recognized as one of the best design engineers under 30 in the UK in 2017 by Electronics weekly. He is driven to help everyone build products around the exceptional array of Raspberry Pi.
Ben Jordan
Senior Engineer,Product Manager at Fushion 360Electronics ,Autodesk
Ben Jordan
Ben Jordan, Ben is a Computer Systems and PCB Engineer with over 20 years of experience in embedded systems, FPGA, and PCB design. Now he is the product manager at Fushion 360Electronics ,Autodesk.
Dr. Kitty Yeung
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft,
Founder & Designer
Dr. Kitty Yeung
Kitty Yeung is a hardware engineer with a PhD in Applied Physics, who is interested in technology and making consumer products that can integrate science, art and music in order to make intellectual contributions to broader society.
Anson Bao
NDT Engineer,
PCBWay Marketing Manager
Anson Bao
Anson used to be a NDT engineer and electronic engiener,now he is PCBWay marketing manager. He has been committed to bring a better experience to PCBWay members and help more people like electronic.
IoT theme
Robotic theme
Free theme
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    As the number of participants in this competition has greatly exceeded expectations, we will spend more time judging the projects of participants. The winners are expected to be announced on the 31th.